• Waterproofing a chimney

    During the spring, summer, and early fall we frequently waterproof customers chimneys. This process is done use a chemical called Siloxane, we apply this chemical to the outside of the chimney above the roof and it repels water from the surface while allowing the chimney itself to “breath” as it normally would. This extends the […]

  • Cleaning an Unlined Insert

    In this video we explain some of the techniques that we used to properly clean an unlined insert. These inserts require more attention too detail because creosote and debris can build up in various spaces behind the insert and the insert must be pulled out in-order to remove this debris.

  • Tamosealing a Chimney Crown

    In this video, we demonstrate how to apply the waterproofing agent Tamoseal to a chimney crown and why we use it. This product increases the strength of the crown and helps to prevent water from penetrating its surface.  

  • Keeping a job site clean

    During repairs, the quality of our work is always important to us, but it is also important to keep the job site clean and tidy as we work. In the video below we demonstrate one of the ways that we keep roofs clean during a tuck pointing repair.