Waterproofing a chimney

During the spring, summer, and early fall we frequently waterproof customers chimneys. This process is done use a chemical called Siloxane, we apply this chemical to the outside of the chimney above the roof and it repels water from the surface while allowing the chimney itself to “breath” as it normally would. This extends the life of the chimney and prevents mineral deposits from the rain from sticking to the chimney over time. In the video and photos below we demonstrate this process and its results.

Photos of the Waterproofed Chimney

This is the front view of a chimney after it has been waterproofed.

This photo shows a chimney after it has been waterproofed.

This is another picture of a waterproofed chimney from the back of the chimney.




About the Author:

A 24-year veteran of the chimney repair trade, Cliff has experience in most phases of chimney construction and repair. He began as a chimney sweep apprentice in 1991. Two years later he began to educate himself in bricklaying and chimney construction. He claims that "it has been an interesting trade to say the least.."